Dr. No

I want to know
what's happened to Strangways.

Take off your jacket.
Give me your gun.
Yes, I thought so. This damn Beretta
again. I've told you about this before.

You tell him - for the last time.
Nice and light - in a lady's handbag.
No stopping power.
Any comments, 007?
I disagree, sir.
I've used a Beretta for ten years.
I've never missed with it yet.

Maybe not, but it jammed on your last job
and you spent six months in hospital.

A double-O number means you're
licensed to kill, not get killed.

And another thing.
Since I've been head of Ml6, there's been
a 40% drop in double-O casualties.

I want it to stay that way.
You'll carry the Walther.

Unless you'd prefer to go back
to standard intelligence duties?

No, sir. I would not.
Then from now on you carry
a different gun. Show him, armourer.

Walther PPK. 7.65mm with a delivery
like a brick through a plate-glass window.

Takes a Brausch silencer,
with little reduction in muzzle velocity.

The American CIA swear by them.
- Thank you, Major Boothroyd.
- Thank you, sir.

- Any questions, 007?
- No, sir.

All right, then. Best of luck.
Thank you, sir.
- Sir?
- Just leave the Beretta.

Miss Moneypenny, forget the usual
repartee. 007's in a hurry.