Dr. No

Would passengers
please go to terminal four?

All right, then. Go ahead.
Help yourself.
- Taxi!
- Mr... Bond, sir?

I'm Mr Jones - chauffeur from
Government House, sent to get you.

Fine. You can drop my luggage
at the hotel on the way.

- Hang on, I want to check my reservation.
- I can do that.

No, no. You just take care of the bags.
- Government House?
- Yes.

- Principal Secretary, please.
- Hold the line, please.

- Who wants him?
- James Bond. Universal Exports.

Welcome to Jamaica, Mr Bond.
Yes, your head office
alerted us this morning.

- Are you free for lunch at one o'clock?
- One o'clock suits me fine.

- Have you sent a car for me?
- No, I didn't think you'd want one.

Quite right. One o'clock, then.
Forgive me if I'm... a few minutes late.
Thank you.
- Where to first, sir?
- Government House, but I'm in no hurry.

Just, uh... take me for a ride.