Dr. No

Curious, old Strangways
just vanishing like that. Or is it?

Cherchez la femme.
His secretary was very nice indeed.

Did you know her?
I've seen her around, you know?
None of you can throw any light
on what happened to him?

In his conversation? Any hint?
I only heard him talk about
big game fishing and bridge.

Fishing was the latest craze.
He got the bug three weeks ago.
He's been out every day.

It must have cost something.
These fishermen ask the earth to charter,
and Quarrel's the most expensive.

A Cayman Islander.
He keeps a boat in the harbour.

I see.
- Excuse me. Where do I find Quarrel?
- He him.

Thank you.
Is your name Quarrel?
I'm a friend of...
Commander Strangways.
Now ain't that nice!
I like people who's friends of people.

I thought you might be able
to tell me what happened to him.

As far as I know, nothing happened.
Unless you know... different, Captain.
Where did you take him in your boat?
You see that, Captain?
That there's the Caribbean.
That's where.
I'm interested in fishing.
I'd like to charter your boat.

I'm sorry, Captain. It's not for hire.
It seems I came to the wrong address.
That's all right, Captain. Now, if you'll
excuse me, I got business to attend to.