Dr. No

- Morning, Pleydell-Smith.
- Morning, Bond.

Sorry to trouble you so early.
I need some information.

All you have on Dr No and Crab Key.
Miss Taro, bring me the files on Dr No.
Sit down.
What do you know about this island?
Not much,
except there's a bauxite mine there.

Dr No runs the place
like a concentration camp.

I've heard funny rumours,
but no-one's complained officially.

- Right, Miss Taro. Just leave them here.
- I'm very sorry, but we can't find them.

- What do you mean? Who had them last?
- Commander Strangways, sir. Both files.

All right, Miss Taro. All right.
Damn nuisance,
their disappearing like that.

On the contrary.
I'd have been surprised if they hadn't.
By the way, that came for you from
London this morning, in the plane,

in the diplomatic pouch.
A present from home.
Can I get out that way?