Dr. No

The luminous dial activates it.
Here, hold this.

Now, where exactly did Commander
Strangways place those samples?

- About where your feet is, sir.
- Good.

- Hi, there.
- Hi.

- Lose something?
- Take a look at this Geiger reading.

Those samples Strangways brought back
from Crab Key... were radioactive.

Yet Professor Dent told me
they were worthless chunks of iron ore.

- He's either a bad professor or a poor liar.
- I intend to find out which.

Quarrel, how soon can you
get us over to Crab Key?

Well... it's like this here, Captain.
Commander Strangways,
he done take samples of "all" the islands.

- We could check the nearest ones first.
- No. I'm interested in Crab Key.

I done take the commander there.
We got away without trouble.

It don't do to tempt providence too often.
You see... there's a dragon.
- What?
- Native superstition.

Started by Dr No, probably.
We won't force you to do anything.
Leiter and I will go after dark, if you'll
give us the navigational directions.

I gets my navigational directions
from my nose, my ears,

from my instincts.
Anyway, I'll be here about seven.
Oh, Mr Bond!
There's a telephone message for you.

Johnny, what have you done with it?
It's right here.