Dr. No

Uh... I'll just go and put some clothes on.
Don't go to any trouble on my account.
Forgive me. I thought I was
invited up here to admire the view.

I feel one of us should answer it.
Yes. Yes, I know. He's here now.
I don't know what happened.
All right. I'll try and keep him here
for a couple of hours.

I'll have to go now.
All right. I'll call you later.
You believe in living dangerously.
I can see that.

What do you mean?
Sitting around with wet hair,
you'll die of pneumonia.

- It's rather beautiful.
- Thank you.

Do you always wear it up?
- Don't you like it?
- Yes, very much.

With your sort of... face... it's wonderful.
- What's going on behind my back?
- Nothing.

Look - no hands.
I'm hungry.
Let's go out and eat.
- I'll make you a Chinese dinner here.
- No. I'm feeling Italian and musical.

- Let's go to the Blue Mountain Grill.
- I'd rather stay here.

It's more fun...
But I don't want you
getting dishpan hands.

- I like cooking.
- Forget it. May I use your phone?