Dr. No

Drop it, Professor! I'm behind you!
I thought you'd turn up sooner or later.
Sit down.
The girl talked?
But of course.
I was suspicious
at the Queen's Club anyhow

when it turned out you were the only one
who'd seen Strangways' new secretary.

Then later, at the lab,
you made no reference to the fact that
Strangways' samples were radioactive.

Very clever, Mr Bond.
But you're up against
more than you know.

Shoot me and you'll end up
like Strangways.

- Then you killed him?
- He was killed, but never mind how.

Who are you working for, Professor?
I'll tell you, as you won't live to use
the information. I'm working for...

It's a Smith & Wesson.
And you've had your six.
Better late than never.
- Everything ready?
- Yeah, for the last two hours.

Everything's going to be fine.
Bottom part of where my belly used to be
tells me different.

For me, Crab Key will be
a gentle relaxation.

From what? Dames?
No, from being a clay pigeon.