From Russia with Love

I promise you,
it wasn't one of my men who killed him.

He didn't die of old age.
All I know is that it saved me the job.
Once he'd seen the girl, she was
obviously compromised, and so...

And he wasn't killed because of that.
Let's just say that lstanbul's a rough town.
Let's see how Tania's map
compares with your architect's plans.

This is the conference room
of the Russian Consulate.

Yes, that checks.
And this here is the communication room.
That's the same.

She says she works there with the Lektor
between two and three.

How is she gonna get the machine to us?
She's leaving that to me.
She'll do anything I say.

Anything! My dear James...
You're not using this.
It all sounds too easy. We don't
even know if she's telling the truth.

- Well, I intend to find out.
- Where? ln the hotel?

She won't go there again.
Says it's too dangerous.

The old game.
Give a wolf a taste, then keep him hungry.

My friend, she's got you dangling.
That doesn't matter.
- All I want is that Lektor.
- All?

Are you sure that's all you want?