Gattopardo, Il

The plebiscite was the only remedy
against anarchy, believe me !

To us, this is just
the lesser evil.

After all, the Savoy
still represent a monarchy.

l know that the interests
of the people you love and admire

were frustrated by all this,
but they're still alive.

Something had to change,
for everything to remain unchanged.

The revolution is over.
Let's hope that the new-born ltaly
may live and prosper.

Still, l had voted against it !
Those asses at the City Hall
eat up my opinion:

they chew it and shit it
to their own accord.

l said ''black'',
and they made me say ''white''.

l was a ''faithful subject'',
and they made me figure
as a ''filthy Bourbonist'' !

Everybody's a Savoyard, now !
But the Savoyards
are nothing to me !

- Don Ciccio.
- Excellency ?

Tell me something:
you know many people in town.

What do they really think
about Don Calogero ?

l believe my opinion
is pretty clear, by now.

l'm interested in knowing the truth
about Don Calogero and his family.

Excellency, the truth
is that Don Calogero is very rich,

and he's also very influential !
He's mean, but also
as smart as the devil himself.