Gattopardo, Il

Fabrizio... my dear...
Nobody can shout in my house,
in my bedroom, in my bed !

Don't tell me what to do !
l make the decisions, here !
l decided a long time ago !

And that's it !
Let's sleep, now.
l'm going hunting, tomorrow.
l have to get up early.

Good-night, dear Stella.
You told me about crazy mothers
and faecal grandfathers,

but nothing that interests me,
that is, Miss Angelica.

Well, she speaks for herself.
She got all her mother's beauty,
but none of her grandpa's stench.

She's very intelligent.
She's a real lady.

When she got back from school,
she invited me over and played
my old mazurka for me.

She's not a good player,
but she looked so beautiful...