Gattopardo, Il

Don Calogero: Tancredi is the
outcome of all these troubles.

We know it very well.
The reason why Tancredi
is so fascinating and sensitive

is that he was the victim
of many injustices.

l know very well
what you're talking about.

But love comes first,
nobody knows it as well as l do.

l am a worldly man, and l want
to be as plane as l can.

lt is fair our kids should know
what they can count on.

My daughter will have
the Feud of Settesoli in dowry.

One thousand and ten hectares...
of wheat !
Very fruitful lands, cool and airy,
plus 500 hectares of vineyards
and olive groves in Gibildolce.

On the wedding day, l'll present
the groom with 20 bags

containing 10,000 onze each.
My family is everything to me.
''Excellency, nobody has seen
Don Calogero's wife in years.

l have, though.
She only goes to the 5:00am mass,
the one nobody attends.