Gattopardo, Il

l don't like being
around too many people.

l don't even like dancing.
l've never been a good dancer.

lt depends
on the person you dance with.

- Look for someone you like.
- No, l don't care.

Do you have any idea how many young
men would like to court you ?

But you discourage them all.
As you did with poor Cavriaghi.
Remember ?

You treated him real bad !
There you are ! Finally !
- l couldn't find you anywhere !
- We fixed our make-up and hair.

- What about you ? - l was
listening to Col. Pallavicino.

He's not a genius, but he doesn't
talk nonsense either.

He's right, the new Kingdom
needs order, new laws.

Anarchists must be swept away.
We need no more riots.

Even if this implies much severity,
as in the shooting of those exalted

who deserted
to go back with Garibaldi.

- Do you think they'll be shot ?
- Sure ! Tomorrow at dawn.

That's fair: they are deserters !
lt's not like you
to talk like that !

You're wrong, my dear.
l always have.

These things
are beyond your understanding.

Concetta, wait ! Listen !