Is that what you dragged me
back here for? A dead cow?

I'm kinda worried
about this one.

She wasn't cut
or crippled-looking.

No swellin' on her.
Was there any Johnson grass
or milkweed around?

Nothing. This may be something
I ought to know about.

Jose and Jesse are out there
now, keeping off the buzzards.

Lon, stay out of those berries.
They're going in the pie.
Well, let's not stand around
here till dinnertime.

I got other things
to do today.

Watch that cigarette ash.
It's going in the pot.
I'll go bring the pickup around.
How come you're always
running your car
over my zinnias?

I've been trying to get
those things to come up
for two weeks.

Don't plant 'em where I park.
You're cheerful this morning.
Missy, your job
is to keep house,

not worry
about my disposition.

Frying pan's still on.
Want a couple of eggs?
Or did you have
breakfast in bed?

Nope. I didn't quite
get around to breakfast.

Morning, boys.
Mr. Bannon.
Morning, Mr. Bannon.
Pretty hard to keep
them birds away.

Had to use a flashlight
most of the night.

Ah, look at them buzzards.
They'll be back.
You couldn't scare 'em off
with artillery.

I wish you wouldn't
do that, Hud.

They keep the country clean.
Besides, there's a law
against killing buzzards.

Well, I always say the law
was meant to be interpreted