Jason and the Argonauts

Zeus ...
King of the gods of the Greeks.

Write in the ashes,
so that l may read the future.

l see ... a great tree
at the end of the world.

And in its branches hang
the skull and skin of a ram.

They gleam and shine, for it is a
prize of the gods. A golden fleece.

We've no time for riddles.
Tell me of tonight.

Pelias, you will conquer tonight,
overthrow the kingdom of Thessaly.

You will kill King Aristo
and wear his crown.

You will do all this without fear,
because Zeus commands it.

lf l am protected by Zeus,
l will have no need of this.

l will offer it to the gods.
lt is also foretold that although
you will win the throne of Aristo, -

- you will, when Zeus ordains,
lose it to one of Aristo's children.

- Then Aristo will have no children.
- He has three.

Two daughters, Philomela and
Briseis, and a son, Jason.

They will die
with their father tonight.