La Baie des anges

I waited for Marijo.
She was still asleep.

When she came with her guy,
we had to chat.

I didn't want him to know.
After he left,
I had to do a lot of talking.

She said she had no money
on her. Lies, of course.

In the end, I got
20,000 francs out of her.

Then I walked to the station.
Why did you come back?
To see you before I left.
To see me or to have
a last gamble like yesterday?

I don't know.
I wanted to stay here longer.

Here or Paris...
what's the difference?

You have to be somewhere.
No one's waiting for me.
At least the weather's good.

What about Michou?
I've got the feeling
I gambled him away.

Anyone waiting for you?
No, no one.
What do you do?
- Meaning?
- Work-wise?

A bank.
I give chips away, like here.

Live alone?
With my father. Ma's dead.
You don't want to get married?
I was engaged, once.
But at the last moment,
I got scared.

I saw what I'd turn into.
I saw an average life,
without any risks or surprises.

So I broke it off.
These pebbles are
so uncomfortable!

Sit on this.
Staying here?
Why? You want to go?
I might make up
some of my losses.

Suppose I win 100,000.
Not asking for much, am I?
With 100,000, I swear I'd quit
gambling and go back to Paris.

What do you think?
What can I say?
- Coming along?
- No, not now.

Tonight, maybe.