Le Petit soldat

Yes. What's wrong?
Put on a coat
and come with me.

No. I've done nothing.
Don't pIay games with us.
You're wanted in France.

Yes, I deserted.
But my papers are in order.

Get your coat.
We'II see.

AII right, I'm coming.
He seemed quite serious,
the inspector.

the papers said.

In time, the perpetrator...
wouId be turned over
to French authorities.

As I didn't know anything
yet, I denied everything.

There. You see?
-You shouIdn't have fIed.
-I wasn't there.

Oh, so it's a Frenchman?
They try to get away
with anything!

Were you there or not?
Never Iook down
before a cop.

You don't know?
What an ass I was.
But...the gentIeman
has witnesses.

In that car!
I understood too Iate...
the crap had begun
for my not kiIIing PaIivoda.

So...are we going
to the station?

I had Iost
my first major battIe.

So, are you going
to fiIe charges?

A tremendous feeIing of
IoneIiness settIed through me.

Maybe freedom began
with remorse.