Lilies of the Field

Smile at the people.
But don't say anything.
Go get your breakfast.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Such a beautiful morning.
Business Sunday morning
seems to have gotten better since I left.

A question. Why?
- Why did I take off?
- No. Why you come back?

What's it to you?
Sí. Sí. Sí. Gracias.
- Now you have done it.
- Hm?

That was a messenger. They
want to know if you are back to stay.

I have told them yes. I make them happy.
Now you have the big breakfast, eh?

What will it be?
A coke.
"Wash yourself, Schmidt.
Vash away ze stink."

Why didn't they ask me to build
a bath tub with nice hot water?

That'd make more sense.
"Wash yourself, Schmidt."