Now, Boss, there's
one old pensioner...

l wish you'd pass up.
- Bunny?
- Yeah.

BOSS: Wish l knew where
l'd seen his face before.

DRAGO: He ain't an old timer.
He's just been around town
a couple of years.

BOSS: Aw, you have no milk
of human kindness.

Morning, Mr. McLintock.
Morning, Bunny.
Well, l can see
you're in good health.

Never felt better...
contrary to what
you may hear.

My kidneys ain't
what they used to be,

and my liver's been
leaving me bilious.

Hello, Ben.
Hey, McLintock.
Drago, throw that
in the buggy.

DRAGO: Yes, sir.
BEN: That's a scrubby bunch
of sooners, huh?

McLlNTOCK: They are at that.
MAN: That ought
to make Douglas happy...

lining his pockets
with land fees.

BEN: What are we going to do?
l don't know what
you're gonna do, Ben.

Me... l do nothing.
200 families. Quarter of beef
a week per family.

lf they last two years,
that can be a sizable number.

l got 20 head to one of any
other brand on the Mesa Verde.

l'm not hollering.
Some of us haven't got
all the money in the world.

Some of us ain't old and tired
and feel like being put upon.

You interest me, Young Ben.
Go on.

The first time l find one of
our hides wearing our brand...

hung on one of them
settler's fences,

l aim to kill me a plow boy.
You do what you want,

We'll do what we want.