l hate that name.
Anyway, she's coming home,
and l hoped to persuade you
to let her live with me...

part of the time in the capital,
part of the time in New York,

and, of course,
Newport during the season.

You're whistling
in the wind, Katie.

lf she stays here,
she'll become just as
crude and as vulgar...

as all of this country.
And if she goes your way,
she'll be all show and no stay.

No go, Kate.
KATE: l hate you.
Oh, how l hate you!
G. W: Half the people
in the world are women.

Why does it have to be you
that stirs me?

You animal.
G. W: That's the story.
l saw your picture in the paper
at the Governor's Ball.

You were dancing
with the governor.

At least he's a gentleman.

G. W: l doubt that.
You have to be a man first
before you're a gentleman.

He misses on both counts.
Hey, sonny, you gonna
ask him again?

Hey, boy, you got to
pocket your pride.

You got to beg.
You better listen
to an expert, sonny.

l'm telling you. You got
to grovel. Human nature.

Gets 'em every time.
Mister, leave me alone.
Everybody does it
one way or another.

Heh heh heh!
About that job,
Mr. McLintock.