l already told you, son,
l've got no need for farmers...

or use for 'em.
Just one minute,
Mr. McLintock.

My father died last month.
That's how come
we lost our homestead.

l've got a mother
and a little sister to feed.

l need that job badly.
What's your name?
Devlin Warren.
Well, you got a job, son.
See my home ranch foreman.
He's over at the corral.

(Bunny laughs)
Step down off of
that carriage, mister.

Hold that hog-legg.
G. W: l've been punched
many a time in my life,

but never for hiring anybody.
Aw, l don't know what to say.

l never begged before.
lt turned my stomach.
l suppose l should have been
grateful you gave me the job.

G. W: Gave?
Boy, you got it all wrong.
l don't give jobs.
l hire men.

You intend to give this man
a full day's work,

don't you, boy?
DEVLlN: You mean you're still
hiring me, Mr. McLintock?

Well, yes, sir.
l mean, l'll certainly deliver
a fair day's work.

G. W: For that,
l'll pay you a fair day's wage.

You won't give me anything,
and l won't give you anything.

We both hold up our heads.
Where do you live?
DEVLlN: The settlers'
encampment down by the mine.

G. W: That your plug?
DEVLlN: Yes, sir.
G. W: Well, hop on him,
and we'll go get your gear.

G. W: Ya! Ya!
Morning, Mr. McLintock.
G. W: Morning.