l am sure that all you
fine people are interested...

in knowing just what
portion of this new land...

will be your new home.
Oh, uh... Jones and McCallister,
since you've been more or less
the leaders of our group,

l'd like to have you come up
and check the exact location.

DEVLlN: Won't be a minute, sir.
Go after that boy
and give him $30.

Tell him McLintock pays
his riders a month in advance.

DRAGO: From the looks of things
they could sure use it, too.

DEVLlN: Oh, Ma,
this is Mr. Drago.

DRAGO: Good morning.
DOUGLAS: Well, and to what
do we owe this visit...

from the cattle baron?
l've got a touch of hangover,
bureaucrat. Don't push me.

MAN: Whoa-ho, McLin!
Say, those are lndians.
Are there lndians
in this homestead land?

Friendly lndians, my boy.
MAN: Whoa-ho, McLin.
G. W: Whoa-ho,
Running Buffalo.

Ho, McLin.
Long time we don't
get drunk together.

And it's going to be
a lot longer time...

because it's against the law,
and you're with a sheriff.

And have l got my hands full.
They came into town
to meet the train.

The old lndian chiefs
are coming home.

l heard they'd been pardoned.
SHERlFF: They don't know
when it's arriving...

this week, next week,
or next month,

so, in the meantime, l've got to
do something with them.

Could l cut out a couple of head
of your steers to feed them?

Otherwise, some of
these settlers' milk cows...

are going to disappear.
That's right, McLin.
Ha ha ha!
Cut out whatever you need.
Sheriff, are you going to
encamp these savages...