while the hired help
insults your wife?

He's just ignorant.
He doesn't know any better
than to tell the truth.

And l can't help
this stupid look.

l started acquiring it as you
gained in social prominence.

CURLY: Mrs. McLintock, where do
you want l should put...

Put them in
the master bedroom.

Yes, but move Mr. McLintock's
things into another room.

Oh, the one back of the stairs
would be best...

so that he can't wake up
the entire household...

when he comes home every night
just before daybreak.

CURLY: Yes, ma'am.
MRS. WARREN: Oh, excuse me.
Here's your cigars,
Mr. McLintock.

l am Mrs. McLintock.

DRAGO: Kate... l mean Katherine,
this is the cook...

this is the lady
that does the cooking for us.

G. W: Mrs. Warren,
Mrs. McLintock.

KATE: How do you do.
Very pleased to meet you,
Mrs. McLintock. Very pleased.

MRS. WARREN: You see, l just
came to work here today,

and l guess l jumped
to the conclusion...

that this was
a bachelor's household.

lt is, and then again,
it isn't.

l will explain...
so everything will be
quite clear, Mrs. Wallace...

EVERYONE: Mrs. Warren.
Mrs. Warren.
lt has been a bachelor's
household for quite some time,

and it will be again
just as soon as l'm out of here,

which will be as quickly
as l can make arrangements...

to take my daughter
back east with me.

You see, she's coming home
from school in a few days,

and then we'll be
off together,

and you can return to
conducting yourself...

as you consider proper
in a bachelor's household.

Shut up!
Until then, l am mistress
in this house,

and l will give the orders.
(Kate giving orders)
You gonna let her? Ain't you
gonna say nothing, boss?

KATE: Oh, G.W., as soon as
my things are put away,