Two more, Elmer.
Well, look who's here.
What'll it be, Mac?
Same as usual?

Evening, G.W.
JAKE: Wrong move.
G. W: What?
JAKE: The chess problem.
Queen's in danger.

(Approaching hoofbeats)
MAN: Whoa. Whoa.
(lndistinct yelling)
KATE: l suppose
you can do that.

G. W: Camille,
you're on your own.

Mrs. McLintock.
l'm Camille...
Camille Reedbottom.

l... l'm, uh, learning
the game of chess.

Thought it would give me
something to pass the time.

See, l have nothing
to do all day long.

l... uh...
l just remembered something.
JAKE: Katherine! l didn't
hear you come in.

KATE: Mr. McLintock, l told you
that l wanted to talk to you.

G. W: Not now.
JAKE: Uh, could l get you
a glass of sherry, Katherine?

KATE: Oh, thank you,
Mr. Birnbaum. l could use one.

l came into town
behind a runaway team!

G. W: Drago never
could handle horses.

lt was that young man whose
mother pretends to be your cook!

Katherine, your wine.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Birnbaum.
Now, Mr. McLintock, we have
an awful lot to talk over.