First thing l learned
about lndian fighting...

was to wait for daylight.
And what does our conversation
got to do with lndian fighting?

lndian fighting
is good experience...

for our kind of conversations.
lt'll wait, Katherine.
DEV: Evening, Sheriff,
Mr. McLintock.

We had quite a ride out here.
Oh, l finally got that team
settled down.

G. W: lt's your move.
JAKE: No, it's your move.
l just canceled it.

KATE: Now, look here.
You're not going to sit here
all night long and play chess...

when the matter of our daughter
remains unsettled.

G. W: l am going to
remain here and play chess,

and the matter of our daughter
is settled. She stays.

KATE: Oh, such stubbornness!
JAKE: Katherine.
Your hair.
Oh, it is a mess
after that awful ride.

JAKE: No, no. The tricks
a man's memory will play, uh?

Mr. Birnbaum,
l think that you've...

completely lost your mind.
You have done something
to your hair.

l have not!
lf l had, it would be
none of your business.

l'm certainly not going to
put myself in the place...

of those blondene trollops
that you seem to prefer.

G. W: Fill it.
You fellas
still at it all night?

JAKE: A McLintock never quits,
but a Birnbaum has to.

Besides, the game is over.
You got me.

Oh, no, Mr. Birnbaum.
You still got a good game.

JAKE: Oh, you play chess.
Please, take over.
Pretty good?
Well, looks like l won't have to
come into town always...

to get a game.
Remember, l'm a bad loser.
lt's your move.
DEVLlN: Yes, sir.