Good morning.
Good morning.
ls it morning already?
Cup of coffee?
Oh, yes. Thanks, Jake.
You're welcome, Katherine.
KATE: Got any cream?
JAKE: Canned cow's milk.
That'll do.
JAKE: Good old condensed milk.
That reminds me.
l was cleaning out my desk
the other day,

and l found something
l wanted to return to you.

Here it is.
"From the president of the
United States of America..."

"to first sergeant
Michael Patrick Gilhooly..."

"for bravery above
and beyond the call of duty."

lt's your papa.
Reminds me of the first time
l ever saw you.

lt was over 17 years ago.
You walked into my store...
not much bigger than
the bundle you were carrying.

And in the bundle was the most
beautiful baby l ever saw.

And was she hungry!
You walked all the way
from Superstition Creek...

just to trade me that medal
for a case of canned milk.

G.W. was off somewhere,
as usual, fighting lndians.

MAN: Sheriff!
Sheriff Lord!
Well, have you
seen the sheriff?

SECOND MAN: Kind of early
for him. Did you try his house?