FlRST MAN: Now, why didn't
l think of that?

Looks like Birnbaum's is open.

Maybe somebody
in here knows.

So there you are, Sheriff.
l told you
you were headed for trouble.

SHERlFF: Trouble?
MAN: l want to know
by whose authority...

you let those lndians
stay in town.

Those savages are wards
of the government,

and l am the representative
of that government...

G. W: l told Sheriff Lord
that he could put them up...

down by the clay slide.
Because the town's named after
him, he thinks he owns it.

Well, you check the books in
the recorder's office,

and you'll find l do
own a fair piece of it.

Agard, if you knew anything
about lndians,

you'd know that they're doing
their level best...

to put up with our so-called
benevolent patronage...

in spite of the nincompoops that
have been put in charge of it.

Those lndians need my permission
to leave the reservation.

Those chiefs have been giving
orders all their lives.

lt's pretty hard
for them to understand...

that they have to
hold up their hand...

like a schoolboy
in a classroom.

AGARD: The law is very clear.
l told you you'd get no
satisfaction from these people.

We'll get the girl back.
G. W: Girl?
DOUGLAS: The girl the lndians
kidnapped, but don't worry.

l armed the settlers...
and set them to rounding up
those red devils.

What is this about a girl?

Millie Jones... one of
the settler's daughters.

The lndians kidnapped her.
SHERlFF: That's ridiculous.
And you turned loose a lot of
farmers with shotguns?

DOUGLAS: l certainly did.
G. W: You're insane.
Let's go, Sheriff.

KATE: Mr. Douglas.
DOUGLAS: Oh, Mrs. McLintock.
KATE: Much as l hate to agree
with G.W. about anything,

you haven't changed a bit.
You're still
an hysterical fool.

Come into town. l got worried.

G. W: What about?
DRAGO: Thought maybe
Katie shot you.

KATE: Not yet, Drago,
but it took restraint.

SHERlFF: Wait a minute.
You better take Agard along,
not that he'll be much help.

G. W: Drago,
help him on the horse.

AGARD: Just a minute.