Mount up some riders.
Right, Boss.
You heard the man!

DAVEY: l don't like it,
Mr. McLintock.

l don't like it one bit.
G. W: What don't you like?
DAVEY: They're planning
to hang an lndian!

Sheriff very funny.
Where's the whiskey?

Ha ha!
G. W: Hold it!
Not so fast,
Mr. Boss of the Whole Country,

unless you want to wear
a big hole in your middle.

How long is G.W. going to let
that cheechako push him around?

That cheechako
has a sawed-off shotgun.

How do you know she didn't
wander off someplace,

or meet some fella
or something?

What are you saying?
That l didn't raise
my girl right?

That she'd wander off
all night with some man?

There's a lot of things
l'm not saying to you, mister,

while you got a sawed-off
shotgun in my middle.

But how do you know this lndian
had anything to do with it?

She's gone, ain't she?
She's gone!

MlLLlE: Pa!
Pa, l'm over here!
Been looking for me, Pa?
Where you been, gal?
Young Ben took me
for a sunrise ride,

and the horse wandered away.
(Everyone laughing)
- You come down off of there!
- But, Pa!

She's telling the truth,
Mr. McLintock.

We wasn't doing nothing.
Well, that's not important
right now.

The important thing is that
you don't draw that hog-legg,

or this'll be worse than
Dodge City on Saturday night.

But, Papa!
You get on back to the wagon!
l'll tend to you later.

Now for this
young whippersnapper!

Now, no harm has been done,
and Young Ben here...

is one of the nicest boys
in the territory.

So just put down that shotgun,
and let's forget it.