mostly because
you're a handsome filly,

but partly because l own
everything in this country...

from here to there.
They'll think
you're going to inherit it.

Well, you're not.
l'm going to leave
most of it to...

well, to the nation, really,
for a park where no lumbermen
will cut down all the trees...

for houses with leaky roofs.
Nobody will kill all the beaver
for hats for dudes...

nor murder the buffalo
for robes.

What l'm going to give you
is a 500-cow spread...

on the upper Green River.
Now, that may not seem
like much,

but it's more than we had,
your mother and l.

Some folks are going
to say l'm doing all this...

so l can sit up
in the hereafter...

and look down
on a park named after me,

or that l was
disappointed in you,

didn't want you to get
all that money.

But the real reason, Becky,
is because l love you,

and l want you and some
young man to have what l had,

because all the gold
in the United States Treasury...

and all the harp music
in heaven...

can't equal what happens
between a man and a woman...

with all that growing together.
l can't explain it
any better than that.

All right, Daddy.
When you're as old as l am,
you'll thank me for this.

Daddy, l'm full-grown.
l wasn't worrying about me.
l was thinking
about you and Mama.