Dev, what are you doing?
DEV: Oh, l, uh...
l just thought
l'd get another cigar.

Well, you've got
one in your mouth...

and two burning
in the tray.

And that move.
JUNlOR: The fellas want me
to play all the time.

You're cuter than
A baby steer
And softer than
A mouse's ear
l want the whole
wide world to hear

You're just right for me
You're sweeter than...
Oh, no, not that rhythm, Junior.
Do it the way
they do it at the Plaza.

l know the words.
Sure, Becky.
Will you sing with me?

Of course.
l love a man
who's witty and smart

And clever
lt's your move.
BECKY: My heart forever
Oh, Dev, you're playing
like an amateur.

Let's call it an evening.
l'd like to know where
your mind is tonight.

You're sweeter than

The early spring
Or bluebells
when they start to...

Pretty good.
Voice like her father.
(Junior and Becky singing)
You're just right for me
Sweeter than honey
Finer than wine
l'm sure they found you
On that honeysuckle vine
JUNlOR: l would melt
ln your embrace
BECKY: You'd disappear
Without a trace
JUNlOR: To die like this
ls no disgrace
This is the time
This is the place
For you're
Just right for me