Devlin Warren,
if you was my kind of man,

you wouldn't let some dude...
walk off with the prettiest
girl west of Denver...

without putting up
some kind of fight.

Does it show?
What can l do? l'm just one of
her father's employees.

l'm just a hired hand
around here.

Every so often, Dev,
you spill the strangest ideas.

(Horse neighing)
Everybody works for somebody.
Me, l work for everybody
in these United States...

that steps into a butcher's
shop for a T-bone steak,

and you work for me.
There's not much difference.
Daddy, the most terrible
thing just happened!

Junior's horse ran away,
the one he rented
at the livery stable.

You tied up a rented horse
by the reins?

He's probably back
in the stall by now.

l think we can get Junior
something that he can ride.

What l'd rather do, Daddy,
is drive Junior
home in our barouche.

lt's a lovely evening,
and l'm sure Uncle Drago
wouldn't mind driving.

l would, and l got the kind
of manners...

don't keep me from saying so
just to be polite.

l'll drive him home,
Mr. McLintock,

and you don't have
to come, Miss Becky.

l'll see that
he gets home safely.

l can take care of myself.
You got yourself a foot,
didn't you?

Dev, get the carriage.

l'm going with them.
DRAGO: Now you got me
wrangling dudes.

(Becky and Junior singing)
You make a man
feel like a king

You're just right for me
Miss Becky, somebody better
help me watch the road.

You know, l'm new around here.
Might take the wrong turnoff.

Devlin Warren, you
know there isn't a turnoff...

between here and town.
You disappear
without a trace

To die like this
ls no disgrace
This is the time
This is the place