DEV: Yah! Yah!
Devlin Warren, what are
you trying to do, kill us?

Would you rather
have your friend drive?

Daddy! Daddy!
l have never been
so humiliated in my entire life!

l said what l said, and l'll
stand by it to the death.

Shoot him, Daddy.
Shoot him at once.

Well, why?
My honor is at stake.
Well, now, your honor.
He impugned my honor.

lmpugned? What does that mean?
- Slander! He slandered my honor!
- He did?

l said what l said, and l'll
stand by it to the death.

He admits it! See?
Shoot him!

Well, what is he admitting to?
Why, he called me a...
l won't even repeat the word.

l didn't necessarily
call you anything,

but l said what l said, and l'll
stand by it to the death.

Well, just for the tally books,
what did you say?

l said that any girl who would
permit a man to kiss her...

before they're formally engaged
is a trollop.

He said it again! Shoot him!
Now, hold on.
No, don't hold on!
lf you're my father, if you
love me, you'll shoot him.

Well, l'm your father...
and l sure love you...
Oh, you shot him!
You really shot him!

lf he dies...
lf he dies,
he'll be the first man ever
killed with a blank cartridge.

We use this to start
the races on the Fourth.

DEV: Hey, l'm on fire!
Oh, you poor dear!
Poor dear! You'd have
had me shot in cold blood!

But it didn't happen.
Yelling l insulted you and all!
What you need
is a good spanking!

Oh, Dev! Daddy!
Leave me out of this!
Oh, l think l'll give you
what you deserve.

- You wouldn't dare!
- Oh, wouldn't l?

You'll think next time
before you have someone shot!

This kicking and yelling
isn't going to help!

Don't! Daddy, wait
a minute! Daddy!

(Becky screaming)
Daddy, help me! Don't!