DRAGO: All right, mount up.
Katherine, my dear, you
seem to be enjoying yourself.

Oh, yes.
This is wonderful.

lt's is the only thing
l really do enjoy...

about this barbaric country:
the Fourth of July celebration.

Well, Katherine,
l've been here for three days.

l haven't heard from you.
ls anything wrong?

Well, l just hope
that it hasn't been necessary...

for you to say anything to G.W.
What are you talking about?
Well, Katherine, you see, l'm
in a rather delicate position,

being governor of the territory
and all.

l just hope you
haven't found it necessary...

to say anything about...
About... what?
About you and me.
Why, you pompous windbag.
Do you think that you're
the only man...

who's ever tried
to play pattyfingers with me?

Who's ever tried
to lure me into the moonlight?

Well, no, but l...
Well, l'm a big girl,
and l can take care of myself.

My husband knows it.
l can assure you, Governor, that
your reputation is untarnished.

Now get out of my way.
(Crowd laughs)