Mr. McLintock.
Who was it said only a trollop
would kiss a man...

before they were
formally engaged?

Oh, but we are engaged, sir.
- You are?
- That is, with your permission.

Well, you've got it.
Oh, Mrs. Warren?
l think it's wonderful.
l guess this is
the only engagement...

that ever started
off of a spanking.

DRAGO: Mm-hmm,
l reckon Birnbaum was right.

All right.
Lord bless us,
this is gonna be a great day.

Doggone it, folks, let's don't
let a little old lndian raid...

break up a good barbecue
and a rodeo.

The meat's on!
You contestants get ready
for the cow pony race.

(Knock on door)
Who is it?
G. W: lt's me.
Let me in.

Not now.
(Slams door open)
Right now!

KATE: Are you insane?
G. W: l want to talk to you.
KATE: lt'll have to wait.
Oh, G.W.!
G. W: l've taken all l'm going
to take from you.

KATE: You are insane.
You are going to tell me why you
packed up, picked up,

and walked out on me.
Two years ago... you remember...
you came home from Denver...

with lipstick all over your...
(Crowd laughing)
Lipstick on my collar.
KATE: And l've got the shirt
to prove it.

G. W: Who cares!
Why, you big...
GOVERNOR: Katherine!