Go, while your conscience lets you.
Run along, there's a good boy.
l want to talk to Anna.

- Shan't l read to you?
- Later.

- l'll go out in the hallway.
- Don't go too far.

- Where have you been?
- Out for a walk.

- Where did you go?
- Oh, not far.

- What a long walk.
- l didn't want to come back here.

- Why not?
- l didn't feel like it.

You're lying.
Do you want to know all the details?
Just answer my questions.
Remember that winter ten years ago,
when we stayed with Father in Lyon?

l had been with Claude.
You interrogated me that time, too.
Said you'd tell Father
if l didn't give you all the details.

l went to a cinema
and sat in a box at the back.

A man and a woman
made love right in front of me.

When they were finished, they left.
A man came in,
someone l'd met at the bar.