Behold a Pale Horse

Thought I told you to get out of here.
Vinolas killed my father
because of you.

They beat him,
but he would not talk about you.

In the hospital, Vinolas asked
him questions every day...

...but he would not talk.
How would you know?
They wouldn't let you in the ward.

I found a way to get in.
And they let you stay?
Not every day.
Not the day he died.

If my father had told them about you,
they would not have killed him.

What your father did
was his business.

And what I do is mine.
Now, get out of here, boy. Get out!

Kill Vinolas.
What is it they want?
I've done enough!

Captain Vinolas, we are ready!
Captain Vinolas, we are ready!
Let him out.
Open up!