Deserto rosso, Il

From there, in our trucks
some 300 miles inland...

from Cateta Olivia.
And housing?
- Who guarantees our wages?
- One at a time. One at a time.

And the housing?
Prefabs with every comfort.
How do we know
you'll pay up to the end?

What about guarantees?
A deposit in a bank...

or something?
We'll discuss that, too, in a minute.
One thing at a time, be patient.
Is there a hospital?
Yes, well-equipped
and an ltalian doctor, too.

He's from Turin.
When can we send for our wives?
After a year. But you can phone
once a month.

Who pays?
The company.
Unless you call more often...

- And the sports newspapers?
- They're available.

You'll get...
all ltalian newspapers...
but a little late.
Is there TV?
Yes, sure, the TV.
You're there to work, not to watch TV.

But if we have TV it's better, right?
Do women there go bare-breasted?
Yeah, sure, you wish.
You'd really like that, wouldn't you?