Yes, sir.
It's on the way to the base.

Get over there. I'll pick him up
myself, Airman. Thankyou.

- This is the house, General.
- You sure this is it?

There's not another street
by this name?

I've in Omaha all my life. I know
this city like the back ofmy hand.

Don't bother getting out.
- Spending the money I send you on this!
- Give me that!

You raiseyour hand
against my mother once more--

Just a drop!
Who the hell areyou?

- Yeah?
- I'm General Bogan.

I'm looking for Colonel Cascio.
He gave this address.

- Sure, General.
- Let the gentleman in, Luke.

Honored to haveyou.
My son always speaks well ofyou.

Sorry to botheryou, Colonel.
We have some unexpected VI Ps
we have to show around.

Yes, sir.
I'll be right along.

Why don'tyou come in, General?
Thankyou, I--
I just take a drop now and then.
The boy here gets a little excited.
I'm ready, sir.
Damn snot-nosed kid.