Iftheywanted to do that,
theywouldn't need an excuse.

- They'dsimplyattack.
- This way, we commit our fighters...

our firstline ofdefense,
andmade uskillourownmen.

I disagree with that analysis!
We have to assume it is our accident
and not their plan.

I agree, General.
Yes, Saunders?

A report that the Russians
have seven bomber groups in the air.

- Is that unusual?
- That's normal for them.

- About like us.
- What kind ofcourse are they on?

Normal patrol patterns
inside their own borders.

They have an abnormally large number
offighters in the air, sir.

Almost halftheir fighter strength.
They're having the same problem
with Group Six that we had with the UFO.

They don't know what it is,
why it's there orwho it belongs to.

My guess is that
they know all about Group Six.

They saw it fly to the fail-safe point.
They've seen that happen before.

They know the procedure.
-So far, nosweat.
- And when they saw it fly past--

They sent up their fighter planes
just in case.

I don't think they'll take any action
unless their border is crossed.

That puts it up to the fighters.
In my opinion,
theywill take no action at all.

Theywon'tjust sit there.
I think ifour bombers get through,
the Russians will surrender.

Who is the professor, Mr. Secretary?
What's he doing there?

Professor Groeteschele is a civilian
advisor to the Pentagon, General.

Will you explain your statement,

The Russian aim is
to dominate the world.

They think that Communism
must succeed eventually...

ifthe Soviet Union is left
reasonably intact.

They know that a warwould leave
the Soviet Union utterly destroyed.

Therefore, theywould surrender.
But suppose they feel
they can knock us off first?

They know we might have
a doomsday system:

missiles that will go into action days,
even weeks, after a war is over...

and destroy an enemy even after
that enemy has already destroyed us.

Maybe they think even capitalists
aren't that insane...

to want to kill after they
themselves have been killed.

These are Marist fanatics,
not normal people.

They do not reason the way
you reason, General Black.

They're not motivated by human emotion
such as rage and pity.