Hexer, Der

My time is up.
Sorry, but I must run.

It's been a pleasure!
So, Warren, bring me The Magician,
dead or alive!

I'll ask Arthur Milton,
which he prefers, Sir!

Very good!
Jean, I'll need you again!

Right away, Sir.
Never thought I'd come back
to work for Scotland Yard once again.

But you owe that to me, Inspector.
Glad to have you!

- Inspector Higgins?

Warren? Inspector Warren,
the man who almost caught The Magician?

Almost, yes!
- You've probably heard...

that Arthur Milton has arrived?
- Yes, I've come to help you to catch him.

Do you mind?
- Of course not!

I'd like to know how far
you've gotten in your investigation?

Do we have to talk here, though?
- Not if you know a better place.

Much better place, come on!
24 hours later they found her dead!
- Messer was the last to see her alive!

The very last, I'd say.
- Thanks.

Miss Penton is really a lovely hostess!
- But then, she is lovely altogether!

Go on, Higgie,
I have a witness this time!

Higgie! Can't you call me by my first
name? It's Edgar Bryan. Now be quiet!

Why do women have to keep so quiet?
- So that their beauty keeps longer!

And now, the death of Gwenda Milton
involves 2 problems.

We have to get the murderer
but we also have to prevent...