Invitation to a Gunfighter

Stand clear!
- Ruth.
- It's between me and him.

- You got him in the arm.
- I aimed for his Reb heart.

Your performance
is never up to your intentions.

Ruth, take Crane home.
Welcome, Sheriff, welcome.
Now that you're here,
is it in your capacity to arrest this man?

- He broke into my house, tried to kill me.
- Kill?

- I came here to ask about my farm.
- To ask?

Ask and it will be given thee,
but with a rifle in your hands...

Matt. Come on, Matt.
Matt, get a hold of yourself.
Put Brewster out of your mind.

You're trying to take on a whole town,
not one man.

Old folks and womenfolks and Mexicans,
a couple of cripples like Crane,
that's what this town is.

But you come back on your own legs,
swinging your own arms,

seeing out of both your eyes.
Well, I found my daddy.
In Tennessee.
It was my daddy, all right,
but his head was shot off.

So, er... I picked up his rifle.
Picked up where he left off.