Invitation to a Gunfighter

I got a half-dollar
says he's a skinny runt tied to a big gun.

Them skinny runts get handy with a gun.
They got to, you know.

Wait here. I'll go find Brewster.
Let me through.
Let me through, please.

Mr Brewster, this is Mr Dancer.
Good morning, sir.
You one-armed toad! Drag me 100 miles
in that hearse for what?

For nothing!
Your brain's rotten with booze.

- Mr Brewster...
- Can't you do nothing right?

I sent you after a gunfighter.
What did you come back with?

How do you find a gunfighter?
You don't go to church.
You go to a saloon.
Saloon keeper says the top gun
is a fella by the name of Jewel,

but he had to move on
and now we're using Dancer,

so I tell Dancer we're paying $300...
And you pay his coach fare here,
and where is he now?

Here. He's here. Jewel.
- Where?
- There.