Invitation to a Gunfighter

- Ruth! Mrs Adams, this is Mr Jewel.
- Yes.

Well, Crane,
I brought you some business, boy.

A bit out of your line, maybe.
I got a boarder for you.

A boarder, for a couple of days.
Mr Jewel don't fancy the hotel much.

- We don't take in boarders.
- First time for everything.

- We don't take in boarders. Ruth!
- I'm putting it to you.

- What's Ruth got to do with it?
- The work.

A woman's work is never done
in a boarding house, I'm sure.

I've been meaning to take a long look
at these books of yours, first chance I got.

Crane, boy, you can't afford
not to take a boarder.

You'll find Mrs Adams here
sets a nice table.

You heard. You'll be doing the work.
If you don't want him here, speak up!

- Well, that's all settled.
- Yes.

- I'll be on my way now.
- If you'll show me the way.

Oh. A spare room. Means room to spare.