Invitation to a Gunfighter

Well, your second smile
was your last for a while.

I'll answer your question.
I'm in business for money.
And pleasure, too.

A town that hires a gunfighter is always
a henhouse with just one rooster,

a few fat capons,
a few clipped wings.

What happens
when a man with a gun walks in?

That's play, Mrs Adams. Fun!
When the fun is over, I'll pull the trigger.
Where does Crane go at night?
Why does he drink?

What is Matt Weaver to Crane?
What is he to you?
Tell me.
Was Crane a whole man
before he lost his arm?

Are you a whole woman?
- Always this hot in Pecos?
- Hm?

Hot? Oh, it'll get much hotter
before it cools off... in winter.

We have snow in winter.
Mr Guthrie used to say
it's either burn or freeze in Pecos.

The late Mr Guthrie.
Are those fresh flowers?
Oh. Yes. They're from my garden.