Invitation to a Gunfighter

Bargain at $50.
I'll take it.
I'll pay Mrs Guthrie when I see her.

Well, now, I didn't say Mrs...
No, sirree. I don't do business...

You can't...
What am I going to tell Mrs Guthrie?

I'll tell her.
My motto is eliminate the middleman
by hook or crook.

Señor, a usted le han pagado para que
mate a Matt Weaver.

Señor, you will kill Matt Weaver?
Señor, why does it interest you?
He is the only man here
who treats us like men.

Matt Weaver and his father before him.
The Reb?
People aren't simple, are they?
Yes, I've been hired
to kill Matt Weaver.

Save your breath
and tell them they've been wasting theirs.

If only a man with a gun can solve
their problems, I'm not the man.

I'm not even interested.