Invitation to a Gunfighter

You have time to kill me and get away.
Cover up for a thief? I won't do it.
Oh, Matt.
If these bullets keep me alive,
I'll pay you back.

Say what you mean.
Say you're ready to keep on killing.

I told you, Ruth,
I'll fight to keep what's mine.

I'm ready for your gunfighter now,
so you just send him after me.

Is that the way you came in?
Well, leave that way now.

Ruth, I never thanked you for coming out
to warn me. I do thank you, Ruth.

- Hurry, Matt.
- Ruth...

I'm saying goodbye.
Only way I know.
I love you and I'm sorry I'm like I am.
Don't you cover up...
May I join you?
- Who's he?
- I board here.

No, sir. You're the gunfighter.
- A gunfighter without a gun.
- You're taking quite a chance.

I passed up my chance of killing you.
I wanted to look you over, ask a question.
Look quick. I killed so many men these
past four years, one more don't matter.

You passed up your chance.
You think I'm gonna pass up mine?

Truce for tonight.
Then you believe them
when they say I'm crazy?

So am I, but it's a funny thing.