Lady in a Cage

I do wish you could try to cut down
on your smoking.

I'll try.
Who are your guests going
to be this weekend?

- Peggy and Paul?
- Oh, just the three of us.

I'm cook, Paul's butler
and Peggy gets to be waited on.

We'll miss you.
Perhaps we can go up together
in the fall.

I should be through
with this wretched thing by then.

Although I keep dreaming that maybe
the stock market will go zooming up,

and we can go to Paris.
London and Paris.
All this war talk in the papers,
maybe we should go into
armament stocks again.

It seems such a terrible way to make
money though, don't you think?

You're gonna be all right now?
Nellie's available?

I'll call Nellie if I need her,
you if I need you,

ice company if I need ice,
the coal company if I need coal,

and the happiness people
if I need happiness.

Yes, dear, I'll be fine.
I squeezed some fresh orange juice
for you.

I'll get something to eat on the road.
I read an article about
blood sugar and hot days.

Orange juice is highly recommended.
How about that other article
you read last month,

that it's actually healthier to keep
your blood-sugar level low?

No, I'm kidding, darling.
Though your health hints
do sort of overlap sometimes.

Tease me all you want, but drink it.
That's a good boy.
I'll be back by...
Oh, lunchtime, Tuesday.

Maybe right after lunch.
Such a large suitcase
for one small weekend?

Why not? I don't have to pay
excess baggage to the car.