Lady in a Cage

Oh, my God.
Old "Repent, Repent, Repent."
What are you doing down there on
your knees? You praying at my door?

You gave me two bucks a while back,
and I says it's a loan,

and you says, like, you didn't think
you'd ever get it back.

- Well, you did.
- Yeah.

Repent, repent, repent.
Yeah, I remember you.
I told you my name.
It's George L. Brady Jr.

Yeah, well, it's early as hell, honey.
What time is it?
It's 12:04.
Saturday. All day.
You can keep it.
- Why?
- Well, I thought maybe

I could tell you about something.
We can make money.
- I don't work with nobody no more.
- No, nothing like that!

- So come on in.
- Yeah?

What's the deal?
There's this house,
and she's stuck in an elevator,

the lady, till probably Tuesday,
she says.

I need somebody with a suitcase
to help me out.

We could do real good,
clean out the whole house probably.

You had two bucks,
you could've got a suitcase.

Oh, there's a lot of wine.
There's a room full.
Wine, huh?
And you want somebody to keep you
away from the wine long enough?

- Yeah.
- Nursemaid, huh?