Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

She only talked about you
as a friend.

I wouldn't want, in any way,
to put pressure on her.

We know nothing about you...
Long ago,
I loved a woman.

She didn't love me.
Her name was Lola.
Long ago.
I tried to forget her.

So, I left France...
I went to the end of the world...
I had no more taste for life.
Then, by chance,
our paths crossed.
As soon as I saw Geneviève,
I knew that I had been
waiting for her.

Since I met her,
life has a new meaning.

All the time,
she's in front of my eyes.

I live only for her...
I think only of her...
I had to
speak to you frankly.
Don't be offended.
Of course, I wouldn't think
of influencing Geneviève.
Geneviève is free.