Do you believe that if there is no God,
there can be no such thing as virtue?

- Do you?
- No.

I do hope you'll come and work here.
We shall be very great friends.

I hope so.
You handled that very well.
- Have you done a lot of reading?
- Some.

When you're in the Army,
you've got nothing but time.

It's a lot different
from a state institution, huh?

Most of these people come
from very wealthy families.

They pay several thousand dollars
a month to keep them here.

Hi, Miss Brice.
Are you going to have lunch now?

It's a nice day, isn't it, Miss Brice?
I hope you have a nice lunch,
Miss Brice.

You have a very nice-looking friend.
It certainly is a nice day,
isn't it, Miss Brice?

Yes, Miss Glassman. It's a lovely day.
Of course, at first you'll be nothing
but an orderly, more or less.

It's long hours, terrible pay.
It's dirty, often degrading,
sometimes dangerous.

Do you know why you work here?
- Maybe I shouldn't ask you that.
- No, no. That's all right.

It's something that all of us
who work here have to ask ourselves.