Robbed! Cleaned out!
Nine thousand nine hundred
and sixty-seven dollars.

Precisely as I told you
over the telephone.

And that girl did it. Marion Holland!
That's the girl. Marion Holland!
- Can you describe her, Mr Strutt?
- Certainly I can.

Five feet five.
A hundred and ten pounds.

Size eight dress.
Blue eyes. Black, wavy hair.
Even features. Good teeth.
- (Chuckling)
- What's so damn funny?

There 's been a grand larceny
committed on these premises!

Yes, sir. You were saying,
ah, black hair,

wavy, even features, good teeth.
- She was in your employ 4 months?
- Mmm.

What were her references, sir?
Well, as a matter of fact -
Yes, uh,
she had references, I 'm sure.

Oh, Mr Strutt, don't you remember?
She didn't have any references at all.
Well, she worked the
copying and adding machines.

No confidential duties.
(Strutt) Mr Rutland.
I didn't know you were in town.

Just had a robbery. Almost $1 0,000.
So I gathered. By a pretty girl
with no references.

You remember her. I pointed her out to
you last time you were here.

You said something about how I was
improving the looks of the place.

Oh, that one!
The brunette with the legs.

Excuse me. Mr Rutland's a client.